I Am Not A Billing Code

Dear Doctors, Insurance Companies, and the American Healthcare System: My name is Stephanie. I am a person; a patient. I pay for healthcare just like I am supposed to. A good person who helps others for a living, all I could ask is that you show a little — just a little bit of respect. …

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You Are Your Own Authority

It’s in times of struggle, when the going gets real rough that we learn who we are and what we need — the good, the bad, and the ugly. The past 3 years have been nothing but a journey dealing with chronic health issues, leading to a whole lotta learning; I’ve been put to the test to …

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What I Think About Yoga

Thoughts on yoga’s REAL purpose. Click here to read 🙂 And if you’d like some free yoga click below!

A Year In Numbers

325 # of miles run   325 # of days worked out (likely)   325 # of panic attacks (more than likely)   365 # of days I’ve had something to be grateful for   365 # of days I’ve been challenged   365 # of physical, emotional and spiritual struggle and growth   However …

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Want to Reduce Stress?

Stress…sometimes just reading the word can make you cringe! Take just a few minutes to learn 6 SIMPLE ways you can make lasting change in your life. With these sustainable habits, you’ll be on your way to creating better balance. Click here for the steps, as posted on the Bad Yogi Blog!!