Free Yoga Videos

A Yoga Story

Yoga is about how you feel. It’s acknowledging the beautiful and the difficult moments — in practice and in life. It takes time to reach a place of comfort with yourself, and that’s okay, because change takes time. Patience. Practice. More patience. A little struggle. Beauty. Contentment. Still more patience.

Since teaching yoga online has become a part of my new journey, I want to share it with you. I won’t lie, making this video forced me to practice a whole lot of patience. Please enjoy ?

How to Breathe Properly For Anxiety & Stress

I’ve dealt with anxiety (the chronic kind) for more than a decade. Anxiety and stress interfere with our ability to feel peace. Learning how to properly breathe changed my life and can change yours, too. This short, 5 minute video offers tips to help your breathe properly — so you can better manage stress and anxiety in your life.

Total Body Vinyasa Flow

If you want a solid practice but are limited on time, this is for you. This flow is 20 minutes and is designed to bring attention to the whole body. This class best suits those who practice yoga regularly. Enjoy!

Vinyasa Flow – Complete Practice

A complete yoga practice – 50 minutes. You’ll be guided through a proper warm up, standing and balancing poses, standing and seated twists, seated folds and relaxation. You’ll feel like you had a massage afterward! If you can make the time, its 50 minutes well spent.

Yoga Flow For Upper & Middle Back

Your neck and shoulders hurt! They must sometimes, unless you have perfect posture, which, I’m sorry, is probably unlikely. We sit, eat, sleep, even move with imperfect posture and this causes a lot of tension, especially in the shoulder/neck for those who sit all day. This 30 minute practice is to work through some of that tension and create greater space in the back and shoulders.

Yoga For The Hips

Your hips don’t lie! Whether you sit all day, or are active, you’re likely performing repetitive movements that impact the muscles in this area, namely, your psoas (so-ass). This muscle is a key player to supporting your posture, and spine. If you experience pain in your hips or in the low back, this 40 minute practice should help to alleviate some of it — especially if practiced regularly.

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow

Stressful day? Practicing yoga helps to refocus your attention – on you. The synchronization of your breath with your movements forces us to be in the present moment, which is why you feel so good after a yoga practice (or at least you’ve heard it does that). Here is a full class, (56 minutes), best for those who practice regularly. You’ll feel lighter and refreshed after.

Yoga For The Soul

Taking time for yourself each day is necessary. It’s difficult to give to others what you don’t give to yourself. Take 30 minutes today to move, stretch, and focus on your body. This creates greater space in the body as well as creates an opportunity for us to become more self aware and turn inward. It’s not always easy to do this, but not everything is easy ?