Let's Work Together

 Hi there. I appreciate your curiosity about how your life can change.

With a true listening ear, an open mind, and some humor, you’ll receive unconditional support.

A background in Clinical Social Work provides a foundation, but the effectiveness of our work comes from my abilities as an Intuitive, combined with training and expertise in energy medicine, yoga philosophy, and the health and wellness industry. I work online as a therapist and coach. I began practicing social work in 2007, counseling work in 2010, and have been working online with clients since 2015. Credentials and training are on my ‘About’ page.

 My clients most often describe me as encouraging but challenging, and feel as if they are talking to a friend. As an intuitive, I’m able to read and know you without you even having to say anything. I am not a psychic, but I do have the ability to know how you’re feeling, what you’ve been through, what your blockages are, what you really want, and ultimately how to get there.


What To Expect 

If you’ve reached this point, there’s a reason.

Something feels good; feels right. You’ve gotten the idea that this is a safe space where you won’t be judged. You will be seen, heard and understood in ways you never could have imagined were possible. You will feel important, a part of something and most importantly, you will feel BETTER.

In addition to proper certified training in evidence based methods for improving health and wellness, I am also a human — one who has suffered too. I am not scared nor ashamed to speak about my own traumas, abuse, lifelong struggle with anxiety and chronic health issues… and how I’ve been healing these things. 

I tend to curse (a lot), unless you ask me not to! You will experience both structure and flexibility, and sometimes spontaneity if the energy feels right. You will be respected and will never have to question my commitment to you. We will be serious, but we will also laugh. We will support you to grow and experience your authentic self, as you were always meant to.


Your Investment

The rate for is $170 for a 75 minute session.

75 minutes (or less) is usually the amount of time it takes to achieve satisfaction and clarity. For reference, a typical therapy session is $130-$200 for 45-50 minutes. They also don’t promise you leaving with clarity.

*Clients say they feel like they’ve had months worth of therapy in a single session*.

I provide direct access to me at all times.

I accept payments through credit and debit card using PayPal and Wave, secured payment vendors. Each session will be paid in advance of the session occurring.  

Unlike others, I don’t require any specific amount of sessions to be booked or length of commitment for our work together.