Let's Work Together

Hi there. I appreciate your curiosity about how your life can change.

I am here to help.

With a true listening ear, an open mind, and some humor, you will have my unconditional support.

With a background in Clinical Social Work, I integrate yoga philosophy and holistic expertise to create healing space for clients. I work as an online therapist and coach, yoga teacher, and healer. I began practicing social work in 2007, working in foster care, as a police social worker and counselor. I’ve been working online with clients since 2015. 

In 2013 I completed my Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Asheville, North Carolina. Since then, I’ve been able to create a more comprehensive approach of treatment and healing. My clients most often describe me as encouraging but challenging, and feel as if they are talking to a friend! I speak fluent Spanish, am well traveled, and carry extensive knowledge in the fitness, health and wellness industry.

Online Service Menu

Therapy (With a Twist)

As a licensed therapist, I am able to provide counseling support to you, via phone, video or messaging. My combined background in Clinical Social Work and as a Certified Advanced Trained Yoga Teacher create a truly unique modality. Traditional clinical approaches of cognitive behavioral, humanistic, experiential, and psychodynamic theories blended with mindfulness, mind-body based science creates an extremely powerful dynamic for healing and change.

When appropriate, I include intentional energy work with guided visualization. This leaves people feeling relief, relaxation, and greater clarity. No topic is ever off limits, no judgment experienced. A safe, trusting space will always be created NO Matter What.

Yoga Nidra (Deep Rest)

An hour of Yoga Nidra is said to equal 3 hours of sleep! This practice is essentially a guided relaxation that is systematically organized to take the brain into deep states of relaxation. Yoga Nidra techniques help the body to work toward a state that is in between waking and dreaming. In this state, the body is able to work on stress, relax deeply, and heal without any speaking necessary. The body does the work on its own! This practice is guided, using specific points on the body and imagery, and is best practiced with a yoga mat, blanket, or whatever can keep you comfortable as it’s performed lying down. Yes, this works just as well online or over the phone as it does in person 🙂

Personalized Yoga Class

I customize yoga classes based on your request and needs, which are uploaded to my YouTube channel. There are currently about 80 videos of all varieties and levels to additionally support you. The format and difficulty of the practice will be modified for each individual as desired. It can include gentle stretching and breath work, more strenuous physical movement, and anywhere in between. I teach vinyasa flow, restorative and yin yoga. I offer clear cueing, a calm, laid back atmosphere and a safe space for you to use your body and breath to work through the shit you don't want to keep with you! Each yoga session will conclude with an appropriate guided relaxation. *I do offer in person sessions (for individuals and groups) in San Diego and Orange Counties.

Why Stephanie?

If you’ve reached this point on my website, there’s a reason.

Something feels good; feels right. You’ve gotten the idea that this is a safe space where you won’t be judged. You will be seen, heard and understood in ways you never could have imagined were possible. You will feel important, a part of something and most importantly, you will feel BETTER.

In addition to proper certified training in evidence based methods for improving health and wellness, I am also a human — one who has suffered too. I am not scared nor ashamed to speak about my own traumas, sexual abuse, lifelong struggle with crippling anxiety and health issues. 

I tend to curse if the occasion is appropriate (okay, so probably a lot more than that), but you will experience both structure and flexibility, and sometimes spontaneity if the energy feels right.You will be respected and never have to question my commitment to you. We will be serious, but we will also laugh (because why not?). We will allow you to grow as you were always meant to.

What's The Investment?

This depends on the individual!

After determining each individual’s needs, frequency, and extent of services desired, we can determine a fair fee.

I accept payments through credit and debit card using Tilly Pay and PayPal, secured payment vendors.

*For current clients, you are always able to use this link for quick ‘checkout’. Thank you!!