A Year In Numbers

325 # of miles run   325 # of days worked out (likely)   325 # of panic attacks (more than likely)   365 # of days I’ve had something to be grateful for   365 # of days I’ve been challenged   365 # of physical, emotional and spiritual struggle and growth   However …

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Want to Reduce Stress?

Stress…sometimes just reading the word can make you cringe! Take just a few minutes to learn 6 SIMPLE ways you can make lasting change in your life. With these sustainable habits, you’ll be on your way to creating better balance. Click here for the steps, as posted on the Bad Yogi Blog!!  

[Video] Trouble Meditating?

So you’ve heard a thousand times over again that meditating is good for you. That it helps to reduce stress, gain more focus and that it can change your life. Why is it then, that so many of us may experience resistance to it? Why is it SO HARD sometimes?! It could be because you’re making …

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Patience and Seas of Selfie Sticks

Smile! OMG, don’t move, that’s perfect…Wait, one more! Traveling through Southeast Asia has taught me a few interesting things: Patience I’m getting older More patience Not only are there millions of people everywhere — like really, millions — but there are also millions of cars, scooters, and so much hustle. I’ve never had so much trouble …

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