Isn’t that what we all want? To just be happy? Although most of us have this goal in mind, we don’t know exactly how to make it happen. I won’t tell you I know how to make you happy, but I will tell you I can help you get started.

Be thankful

When you wake up, think of one thing you are thankful for. Doesn’t have to be something serious, but seriously, try it. Even when you think you have nothing to be thankful for, you can be thankful for what you are not.


When you find yourself frustrated throughout the day, go somewhere quiet, close your eyes, and breathe. I don’t mean force yourself to do deep ‘belly’ or ‘diaphragmatic’ breathing, I mean just notice your own breath. When we’re stressed we tend to take shallower breaths.

Simply lengthen your inhale and create and equal length exhale. Breathing this way activates our parasympathetic nervous system which helps to calm us.  Repeat until satisfied 🙂

Be Present

You’ve heard it so many times, but take time for yourself at least once during your day, really. Take time to be present. Being present does not mean running through a list in your head of what you need to accomplish, of things that suck, or are going great in your life, or thinking about how you are feeling. Being present is noticing simple sensations in your body, noticing and observing thoughts in your  mind, then watching them pass by. It means letting go of thoughts, judgments, and simply being an observer, watching and listening to yourself.

Being present means watching the birds fly around out your window, stopping to appreciate the beautiful branches of a tree, or stopping to say hello to a passing stranger. Being present means truly checking in with yourself and your body, and enjoying the very moment that is each moment of your life.

Oh, and this is for your viewing pleasure 🙂

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