How You Know You’ve Made Progress


I had a doctor’s appointment today and had to take the elevator to the 6th floor. When everyone piled in I couldn’t reach the number, so I asked the woman (with her daughter and granddaughter) next to me to push the button for me. She did. A few others piled in and we rode up.

After the first few floors got off, the 4th floor was skipped – the woman’s floor. When she realized it passed her floor she made the loudest “Ugh, now  we have to go all the way up and come all the way back down.” There are only 7 floors total. I felt put off by her comment, because when I heard it, I realized that this was how I used to react, or at least how I thought.

Today, I almost laughed, thinking how unnecessary it was for her to be so upset by the smallest thingMy floor ended up getting skipped too. When that happened, the woman and her daughter again exclaimed, “I KNOW I pushed your button, (ugh).” In response I made a joke that the elevator must just be having an ‘odd’ day (stopping only at odd numbered floors, funny, I know).

Probably not so funny to them. I felt such relief, though; I was no longer the one reacting strongly to something so unnecessary. I no longer carry around that sense of frustration, anger, or need to worry about seemingly insignificant things. I feel accomplished, light, and free.


Oh, and here’s some free yoga 🙂

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