I Am…


Such a simple, yet loaded phrase. How do you complete this phrase? What comes to mind? Whatever your answer is, take a minute to ponder it. Your response might offer some insight, into you.

Maybe your answer reflects what is important to you, reveal personal values, strengths, or characteristics. Your answer might also tell you how you see yourself, how others see you, or how you think others perceive you.

When asked to describe ourselves, we often struggle for the right words. Why is this? Don’t we know ourselves? Shouldn’t we? Sometimes we spend too much time thinking about what ‘should’ be said, how we “should” look at ourselves or “should” be, but not enough time is spent actually exploring who we are.

Think of yourself as you are, or even as you wish to be. I am strong. I am positive. I am smart. I am wonderful. Ask yourself, or have someone ask you, “Who are you?” Allow yourself to respond with whatever comes to mind. Simply note your response, and any responses that follow.

Consider each response as an opportunity to further explore yourself. Spend some time with yourself and your responses until you feel you can answer “Who are you?”, or until you can complete the phrase “I am” with confidence.

Use your responses as a guide, motivator, or support system. Knowing who you really are will help you to make decisions, reach goals, or simply be just as you are every day. If your ability to answer with confidence ever becomes clouded, go back and ask yourself again, and solidify your answers.

Less is more. Don’t let simplicity become complicated. Most importantly, believe your responses.


Oh, and here’s some free yoga 🙂

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