Just Because I Teach Yoga…

CanvahawaiistandDoes not mean that I am enlightened. It does not mean that I have figured everything out, or that I have magical powers to calm myself, or others.

What it does mean is that I am someone who has worked very hard to find a way to keep calm, to take a look at my own actions, values, and life. I teach yoga because it as an effective way to create change within oneself, therefore creating change in the world that we all share.

Yoga teaches compassion and non judgment; humans do not always teach us this. Yoga reminds us that we can access our minds and our inner beings by being in tune with and observant of our physical bodies.

It teaches us an awareness of our body, it’s strengths and limitations, and of our mind, it’s thought patterns and inner quarrels. Yoga teaches us how to be present with ourselves in a way that no one else could ever teach us to be, or understand.

Maybe someday I will feel enlightened. Hopefully every day I will help others to find themselves, just because I teach yoga.


Oh, and here’s some free yoga 🙂

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